Oh What A Night!

May 4th, 2008

Miss Britt and Dave from Blogography

Me, Hilly of Snackiepoo and Miss Britt

It’s 7:00 PM Sunday evening I think I’ve finally recovered from TequilaCon 2008. Of course it took several doses of Tylenol, Sudafed, a fuckton of water, several meals and 12 hours of sleep but I’m doing O.K.

Before you become all judgmental about me drinking alcohol because my God, how can the girl with cancer possibly go out and consume alcohol??? I’m human and one night of drinking isn’t going to kill me. Now that we got that out of the way, let me continue.

The bloggers I met last night were some of the nicest, down to earth people that I’ve had the pleasure to talk to. Life has been pretty crappy for me lately but last night was absolutely so much fun!

Take a look at the pictures! Do they say fun or what?

Game On

April 30th, 2008

I asked if you were game and you played pretty well by asking some great questions.

Diana from Of The Princess and The Pea thought she has an “unoriginal” question but this is the first time anyone has ever asked me this question:

“Do people say you look like Bette Midler a lot? I think there’s a striking resemblance.”

When I was much younger, like 20 years younger people told me I looked a lot like Tracey Gold in the 80’s…hair and all but Bette Midler? She is gorgeous, I am not. In this picture we have similar hair but other than that…she is way prettier.

Meg of Historic Moment wanted to know:

“How do you deal with the Hannah Montana craze?”

Well Meg, fortunately my 11 year old has no interest in HM so I only have the 8 year old to contend with. Last evening we had a conversation about the photo that was taken for Vanity Fair. I decided it was better that she heard about if from me instead of her 2nd grade friends at school or 5th grade kids on the bus. Sure, it was probably a risky parenting move but she’s an intelligent kid and rather than insult that intelligence I embraced it.

Occasionally Teenie has a meltdown when she wants some Hannah Montana stickers or a new poster and I say “no”. She’s very persistent and thinks she can wear me down by asking me, “Mom can I have them? Mom can I have them? Mom can I have them?” However, she is getting a Hannah Montana bedroom. I’m hoping this will stop the arguments every time we go out.

Used To Be Me of Why Are You Stalking Me? wants to know:

“What ride are you looking forward to at Disney?”

I’m terrified of roller coasters…TERRIFIED! I’m also petrified of heights. The first time and last time I went to Disney the first ride I went on was the Tower of Terror. I had no idea what it was and damn, was I pissed after it was over. It scared the living crap out of me. All I wanted to do was go on the Tea Cup ride the rest of the time I was there.

This time I’ve promised Dude, the girls and myself that I will go on the Rock N’ Rollercoaster. Dude told me it goes from 0 to 60 mph in like 2 seconds. I’ll have to go on it alone because Dude will have to stay with the girls so this will be HUGE if I can do it.

I’m a big chicken so if anyone wants to go on this ride with me please let me know.

Chatty of Whatchu Tawkin Bout asks:

“When is your favorite time to blog and what is your favorite part of blogging?”

My favorite time to blog is when I can find time to think clearly, when the house is quiet and no one is disturbing me. I also have to have something to say. I’d rather not blog if I don’t have anything I need or want to write about and since I’m as genuine as possible I’ll delete a post instead of publishing it if it seems forced or not like me.

When I started blogging it was to start a diary and that was my favorite thing, except I didn’t expect that anyone would read it. Over the years I’ve met some very great, caring, funny and giving people and that’s what’s become my favorite thing about blogging. That and all the lessons I’ve learned from other people.

One last question for this post and then I have to get ready for work!

Sister D, who does not have a blog, but should really consider writing one asks:

“Who’s your favorite sister?”

Most of my childhood memories are filled with physical and emotional abuse from my mother. However the good times I remember are with my sister…

Sister D is my real sister and my only sister. We share the same father so she’s actually my half sister but I would never consider her anything less that my entire sister. We are 12 years apart…I am the older sister, she is the younger one.

So in answer to her question…she is my favorite sister only because she introduced me to sushi, likes to go to Starbucks with me, took care of me when I had a broken leg and because I love her very much!

Now I’m late for work!

I’m Game, Are You?

April 28th, 2008

I’ve spent the last 24 hours on the couch because I’m sick. Either I ate some bad sushi, I have a bad sinus infection or I completely over did the wall papering. Based on my luck I’ll go with all three for $500, Alex.

So, I spent the day contemplating what I really wanted to write about. I’m completely twisted about Miley Cyrus and the news about her pictures in Vanity Fair, as well as the ones I saw on the Internet. Especially since I’m busting my sick-cancer-ass to give my eight year old a Hannah Montanna bedroom. Miley was my last hope and damn if she didn’t let me down.

Yet she’s embarrassed? Miley Cyrus shouldn’t just apologize to her very, very young fan base but also to the parents who are shelling out the bucks to support her billionaire butt. Where the hell does she think her fans are getting the money??? Just saying.

Then I thought about discussing food rationing and my urge to by rice by the 20 pound bag just because Sam’s Club is putting limits on it. Dude and I got into a screaming match over what foods to buy, what to stock up on and what crap to stop buying. A delightful time to be had at our homestead for sure.

The truth is my brain has already left the building and has gone to Disney. My body, on the other hand isn’t sure if it’s going to make it. I’ll be dragging it along for the ride whether it likes it or not…

I realize that there are a lot of new readers here at Clusterfook so I thought I’d open the comments up to your questions because I’ve been blogging since August 2005, however much of the history of this blog is gone. So feel free to rummage around the posts that are here including the pages listed on the left sidebar and ask me whatever you want to know…no matter what it is! I will answer all your questions by Wednesday’s post.

I’m game, are you?

Yipee! I Love Mail!!!

April 18th, 2008

Yesterday morning was quite tragic. As I was getting ready for work I reached to the top shelf of my closet for a pair of shoes. Unfortunately the box was wedged in between five other boxes and as I pulled the box out I caused an avalanche of 30 boxes to tumble down. The result was boxes of shoes clobbering me in the head and mouth…and a big fat bloody lip.

Go ahead, laugh at the girl with cancer you sick bastards. Sure, you think it was funny. Everyone thought it was funny. It made me extremely late for work because I got blood on my clothes.

As a result my hair was left to it’s own devices and had to go curly. My face? Oh Lord, it got nothing but foundation, mascara and lipstick. That’s a great look for someone who is sick and wants to look like the walking dead.

When I got home there were packages waiting for me!!! This totally made my day.

First I received a t-shirt from Dave of Blogography. I’ve wanted a Bad Monkey t-shirt for so long! This is so going to Disney with me! You can get your own here!

Bad Monkey

By the way I don’t always look like shit.

Notice the lamp in the lower left? That’s one of my favorite lamps!

Then there was another package. I love this hat from Miss Britt.  She totally rocks and I will give her a big hug and kiss at TequilaCon when I see her on May 3rd.

I don’t mean to say that I will leave Dave out of the kissing and hugging either because he will also be at TequilaCon…I’ll give him a kiss and hug too.  Hell, I’ll just make it a lovefest and kiss everyone.   Why don’t I just get a room…Oh, I’m not going there.

Do I look like I’m going to kick cancer’s ass or what???

Fuck Cancer

You can get your own hat here.

Thanks Dave and Britt! Dude says that I had the biggest smile on my face he’s seen all week.  I think he mentioned the word “beaming” and “happiness”.

Look Ma, I Got a Tiara!

April 9th, 2008

Thank you to Laci, Monique, Sodapop and Lucy for the awesome care package! You Klassy Bitches rock!

Check out my tiara but excuse the sucky quality of the video because my web cam sux.

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