April 6th, 2008

Disclaimers are a necessary evil so let’s get do this upfront:

This is a personal blog where I express my own thoughts, feelings and opinions. In no way do I represent any company, organization or school, nor will they be mentioned by name.

Understand that what you read here merely reflects a fraction of who I am and not the totality of my life. However, I always express myself in the most real, raw and upfront way I can because it’s exactly how I would if you and I were having a conversation over a cup of coffee.

Some of you know me outside of this blog and may read things that you previously didn’t know or find too revealing. Be an adult, have some respect and discuss with me what bothers you before you decide to pass judgment or vicious rumors.

Got that? Great, fabulous, moving on…

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    • @momomatic I'm hoping I can hitch a ride on my dad's or steal his! 1 hr ago
    • My dad bought me a doo-rag with a cross and skull bones pattern for when I start chemo...that ROCKS 1 hr ago
    • Just had an awesome visit from my dad and stepmom...luff them dearly 1 hr ago
    • @Neilochka LOL...that's a good way for it to end. I have lots of blog crushes like @karlerikson...he's one of them ;) 4 hrs ago
    • @snackiepoo I am enjoying the hell out of my coffee in my new HUGICAL Tinkerbell mug :) 5 hrs ago
    • @Neilochka I think crushes are cute...but that's all they are...crushes. You just don't ACT on them or ENTERTAIN them. Know what I mean? 5 hrs ago
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