March 23rd, 2008

I’ve been blogging since August 2005 and have switched domains a few times. If you look around here you’ll notice there aren’t a lot of entries. There is a very good explanation for that. Many of the posts written from August 2005 - March 2008 were from a very raw, painful time in my life when I was suffering from depression related to my recovery from cancer and recurrent cancer.   Those posts no longer need to see they light of day at this domain.

From time to time you may see a password protected post.  If you are a registered user, that I know or a long time reader, that I know I will provide you with the password.  Even if you are a new reader there is no harm in asking because I will grant you the password as long as I know who you are.  There are just some issues that the entire Internet doesn’t need to read, so please don’t take offense to the fact that I need some privacy from the entire world and only want to let some people in…gah!

As always, feel free to contact me if any of these things are an issue…lisa clusterfook @ gmail dot com.



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    • @momomatic I'm hoping I can hitch a ride on my dad's or steal his! 1 hr ago
    • My dad bought me a doo-rag with a cross and skull bones pattern for when I start chemo...that ROCKS 1 hr ago
    • Just had an awesome visit from my dad and stepmom...luff them dearly 1 hr ago
    • @Neilochka LOL...that's a good way for it to end. I have lots of blog crushes like @karlerikson...he's one of them ;) 4 hrs ago
    • @snackiepoo I am enjoying the hell out of my coffee in my new HUGICAL Tinkerbell mug :) 5 hrs ago
    • @Neilochka I think crushes are cute...but that's all they are...crushes. You just don't ACT on them or ENTERTAIN them. Know what I mean? 5 hrs ago
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