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Another Year Older

by Lisa on December 29, 2008

in Kool Peeps

That’s right, I’m officially another year older.  I celebrated my 42nd birthday yesterday.  Dude made dinner and got me a Cookie Puss ice cream cake from Carvel.

Of course I would have never wanted a Cookie Puss ice cream cake for my birthday had NYCWD had one for his birthday.  I’m a follower like that sometimes.

On Friday, Sister D was kind enough to drive an hour to my house from our parents house to pick me up so that we could go out to dinner.  My favorite aunt and my stepmom joined us for a delicious Japanese meal at Ooka.

I was completely wiped out Saturday and Sunday from dinner and chemo but that’s how it goes sometimes.

December was like a month of birthday celebration thanks to some of my readers.  I received a gift almost every single day.  I’m really grateful to everyone who sent me something.

From Avitable I received Season 2 of 24 and if there’s one thing I love, it’s Jack.  Keifer Sutherland and I are the same age and he celebrates his birthday on December 24th.   I cannot wait for the new season to start but I enjoyed watching Season 2.  Thanks Adam!

From Krystle I received the Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter, which I haven’t watched yet.  I saw it once about 10 years ago and have always wanted my own copy so that I could watch it again.  Anything Rolling Stones is a great gift in my book!  Thanks Krystle!

I received several pairs of earrings…a pair from Kim, derfina and an unknown sender.  Please let me know if you sent me a pair of earrings so I can recognize you.

From Nancy I received a pair of UGGS and I have to say they are the most comfortable pair of clogs, not to mention warm.  I love them!  Nancy also sent me The Beach House.  Thanks Nancy!

Jacqueline sent me a cheesecake sampler that was absolutely delicious.  It was out of this world delicious!  She also sent me some Sephora lip gloss which is a beautiful color.  Thanks so much for all of your kindness Jacqueline!

If you sent me something and I haven’t mentioned it PLEASE let me know.  Just sent me a harassing email or something.

Thanks again to everyone for making my birthday a month long this year.  I’ve got lots of great earrings, books, and videos to keep me busy.  I really appreciate your kindness.

I just wish I could have actually avoided turning 42!


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

by Lisa on December 4, 2008

in Kool Peeps

When I wrote about how I was feeling the other day I never imagined I’d get the amount of support I received.  In fact, I expected the complete opposite.  I thought that everyone would unsubscribe from my blog and that I’d get five comments.

Your comments really lifted my spirits and some of them made me cry.  I don’t know how to thank you other than to keep on writing and to be there when you need me.

So not only did I have everyone’s comments to life my spirits but then the postman delivered several packages to my door.  It seems that some of you were so kind and jumped on my birthday bandwagon.

From the Janer I received these beautiful pair of sunshine honey amber earrings that I’ve been wearing everyday.  They make me feel as if I’m carrying the sun around with me.  If you know anything about the Northeastern part of the U.S. then you know it’s gray almost everyday.  Thanks Janer!

Heather H. sent me the most comfortable and warmest pair of slippers I’ve ever owned!  Since I’m home all of the time I really needed a good pair of slippers to wear around the house.  With chemotherapy I have to be really careful with my feet so that they don’t get dry and the skin doesn’t crack.  Running around barefoot is a great way for that to happen.  Now I have a great pair of slippers to protect my feet and keep them warm.  Thanks Heather H!

Ame sent me a book that I heard is a great read and I think a good read is exactly what I need right now.  She sent me The Story of Edgar Sawtelle.  I usually don’t read books from Oprah’s book club but I head this is a really good book.  It’s over 550 pages long so that should keep me busy for a while.  Thanks Ame!

Even my mom sent me some presents!  I received Philosophy’s The Birthday Party. I absolutely love Philosophy’s shower/bath/shampoo gels.   The Birthday Party comes with Strawberry Ice Cream, Chocolate Frosting and Vanilla Birthday Cake.  Each scent smells good enough to eat.  There’s a recipe on the front of each bottle so you could actually make a vanilla birthday cake from scratch.   Thanks Mom!

My mother also sent me Bare Minerals, Bare Escentuals eyes.  This stuff goes on the eyes like butter and is beautiful.  It’s the best eye shadow I’ve ever used.  I have been playing with it for the past few days which is huge for me because I haven’t been wearing make up for months.  When I went to the doctor yesterday they were shocked at how good I looked!  Thanks again Mom!

On top of receiving birthday gifts, I received a huge package from my Chemo Angel.  Inside were a few gifts for Cam and Teenie, a gift for Dude and 25 gifts for me.  There was a card inside explaining that the gifts were for the 25 days of Christmas and I was to open one gift a day until Christmas day.

The first gift?  A bag of peanut M&Ms…my favorite candy.

Since Dude and I aren’t exchanging gifts this year and we’ve told everyone else not to buy us gifts, the gifts that I am receiving have special meaning no matter how big or small.


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