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Waiting On A Friend

by Lisa on February 3, 2009

in Cancer Sucks

In about an hour a dear friend will arrive at my house.  We met at TequilaCon in May 2008, which sadly is an event I won’t be able to attend this year because of my health.  Of course I tried to figure out how I’d do it if I was still here in April but that’s just ridiculous.  Dude takes me to the doctor for an appointment and I’m wiped out after being out of the house for an hour.  Heh, and I’m thinking about TequilaCon?

Anyway, Karl is flying from Florida after his first flight was cancelled and his second flight was delayed.  You see Karl has Power of Blog, a term we coined on his radio show last summer.  A term I never thought we’d have to exercise.

You see we were having a discussion about what happens to our blogs in the event that we pass away?  Who notifies the blogosphere?  In a lot of cases our spouses don’t blog or know the first thing about WordPress (or other blogging platforms).  Thus “Power of Blog” was born.

I asked Karl to take Power of Blog in the event that I pass away.  I never thought he would come close to exercising it.  Last week Dude asked me for Karl’s telephone number so that he could call him when I do pass away.  Karl has admin access to my blog and he can inform you that I’ve died and post my last post.

That’s all the technical stuff, in case you were wondering what happens to Clusterfook after I’m gone.  Karl can do what he wants from there.

It will be Dude’s decision as to whether he prints parts of my blog for the girls.

Back to Karl and his visit.  I just spoke to him and he’s on his way to my house.  From reading the post that he wrote earlier today he’s having a tough time dealing with death.  I’m very proud of him for coming here to face it head on because as you know, I’ve come to terms with it.  I hope I can help him out.

Most important I hope that we can have some good laughs since I can’t really go out and have a good time.  I hope I can leave him with some good memories.  It’s what I try to do for all my friends when we are together.  I want them to remember me as the crazy, intelligent chick who not only remained truly loyal to her friends but cherished the relationships as well…including Karl.