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WTF? Cancer Sucks

PuppyBasically, I gave up looking for a job because if I couldn’t get a job with the university I’ve attended for the past six years or the organization I’ve volunteered for the past three years, then who exactly will hire me? The job I have now is through a temp agency and they were desperate to fill the position on short notice.

So I’ve stopped getting excited about job opportunities and please, don’t get excited about this one. A director of operations for a very large company is in my class. For the past two weeks he has been asking me to come work for him. Tonight he told me the salary is six figures. I don’t mention that to impress anyone…I mention that because I make $10 an hour right now.Rainbows

I told him that there’s no way I’m qualified for a position that pays that much money. He thinks I am qualified and he really needs someone with my experience and education. I’ve asked him to send me a job description. If I think I’m remotely qualified I’ll send him my resume.

Me…making six figures??? Like that’s ever going to happen.

It’s really hard to focus on a job opportunity when I’m trying to calm the inner insanity of Oh my God do I have cancer again???


It took two days for the staff of my doctors office to get a pre-authorization number for an MRI from my insurance company because they did not understand what to do. WTF? Is picking up the phone, providing information and writing down a fucking number that hard???

Yes, today’s post is brought to you by a gratuitous puppy, some rainbows and some sunshine. Enjoy!

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